Handmade Stoneware Pottery from Sheffield

tom humphries - Sheffield Potter

I’m Tom Humphries, I make handmade stoneware at Woodseats Pottery in Sheffield.

You can find out more about me here. My objectives in pottery are very simple:

Functional Pottery

functional pottery

The pottery I make has a function, it’s not intended to be put on a shelf and looked at. My pots like to be put in dishwashers, it makes them happy! I spend a lot of time thinking about the practicality of my pottery during use.

Beautiful Pottery

beautiful pottery

Just because pottery is functional, it doesn’t have to be boring! I’ve found the most beautiful glazes are those which are unpredictable. Large ceramic manufacturers try to avoid any variations or losses. I’m willing to have a few mishaps if it means I have a chance of creating some beautiful finishes.

Handmade Pottery

handmade pottery

There’s something great about carrying on a craft that is very old. Some techniques and marks I make will be similar to those of hundreds or thousands of years ago. Handmade pottery exhibits a very unique style of the maker.