Looking to buy pottery? My rustic stoneware is handmade in Sheffield, UK

I make a range of stoneware tableware such as mugs, bowls and plates. Kitchenware is another favourite with things like storage jars, salt pigs and utensil holders. Other items can be made on request, I am currently making some yarn bowls to order.

I have just set up a new site of my own that I will sell all my pottery from in future. It’s called The Little Pot Company. I have previously been selling all my pots on Etsy. This has been great but now I’d like to bring my blog and shop together in one place. At some point I may move all the posts from this blog over there.

For now please take a look if you are interested in buying any pots. I’d also be interested to hear feedback on the site. It’s been created with Shopify which has been an interesting learning experience.

I joked once about the term ‘Rustic Modern’ to a friend. I thought I’d invented the term but it seems it’s actually a ‘thing’. It’s an absurb and perhaps mutually exclusive phrase, but I quite like it. Pottery that inherits style from the past whilst looking good in a modern setting is surely a good thing. This is what I’m aiming for.

If this is your first visit to Woodseats Pottery you may like to check out my pottery blog. I write about some of the techniques and challenges with handmade pottery. You could also take a look at some pictures of some of my recent stoneware pots.

Custom made pottery cup and saucer set

I live and produce my pottery in Woodseats, Sheffield. You are welcome to come and buy pottery from me in person to save on postage if you live locally. I’ve had some people who wanted to visit and look at all my pottery, which I’ve been happy to accommodate. Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.