Meet the Potter – Tom Humphries, Sheffield Potter

Meet The Potter

My name is Tom Humphries, I make handmade stoneware pottery in my small home studio in Woodseats,Sheffield.

Pottery is currently a hobby and second income, I work full time as a chef and have a wife, a little girl, and great family which are a big part of my life.

My Introduction to Pottery

My wife was taking pottery evening classes, and I bought her a wheel for her birthday. After having a few goes myself I became hooked on clay. I was terrible to begin with but persisted and taught myself, mainly from reading books and watching YouTube videos of other potters.

I bought a kiln off Ebay and began learning about glaze chemistry and firing techniques. When I’m not making pottery I’m usually reading about new techniques or how to get the best out of my clay. I love trying out new forms and developing glazes which are as durable and safe as commercial pots.

stoneware potter on wheel

Pottery Philosophy

I’m currently most interested in making mugs, bowls and other tableware. My work as a chef has influenced how I design my pottery. It must be practical, ergonomic and have more interest than mass produced tableware. I aim to create stoneware which is affordable, and has a tactile quality which people will love to use in their daily lives.

My Pottery Ambitions

I hope to share some knowledge here and hopefully get people involved in what has become a large part of my life. There is so much to learn, but I am excited about the future. So far I have had some great feedback from the customers on my Etsy shop. I just want to keep learning, get better and maybe one day I might be able to be a full time potter!

3 thoughts on “Meet the Potter – Tom Humphries, Sheffield Potter

  1. We love the bowls John and Hannah gave us for Christmas, the colours are lovely and warm and the size will be good for a range of uses. We’re looking forward to many years of use. X

    • Thanks Barbara, I’m glad you like them! They were some of the first pots I made and was happy with. I’m happy they went to a good home x

  2. We use Tom’s pottery every day and love it. We have a milk jug, olives bowls and a bowl for snacks. Individual, beautifully made and great to use.

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