New Handmade Mugs on Etsy. Copper Green and Light Blue Glazes look Great!

For the first time in ages I got some great looking handmade mugs out of the kiln. I’ve recently switched my clay to a smooth white type. My previous dark speckled clay was giving me lots of glaze problems.

I was a bit worried how my current glazes would look on the new clay. Some of the glazes actually look better on the new clay though. I did like how the speckles of my old clay looked under some glazes. I think I may be able to recreate the look by using speckling additives to the glaze.

Tapered handmade mugs in copper green glaze

Large Copper green handmade mugs

The form of the mugs is new for me, just slightly tapered and with pronounced throwing lines. I tried out some slightly different sizes on the different coloured ones. I also varied the handle attachment a little, and the handles are intended for a one finger hold.

Light blue wheel thrown mug

Bellied Mugs with Stamp decoration

I have a pair of these quite squat bellied mugs. They were made in the old speckled clay but turned out quite well in this glaze.

Green handmade bellied mugs

Handmade light blue 6oz coffee cups

Also from this firing were some smaller 6oz size coffee cups. I really like the shape and feel of these in the hand. I’m just not sure what demand there will be for smaller cups like this. It seems coffee sizes just keep getting bigger and bigger.

I may make some 8oz size cups in the same style at some point, maybe with saucers too!

6oz light blue handmade coffee cups

These handmade mugs, cups and other pottery is now available to buy on my Etsy shop. I have not been very active on Etsy for a while. Mainly this is because my experimenting with glazes has been very time consuming. It’s​ nice to finally have some pots I like enough to put on sale.

If you would like any mugs making specially, or the ones here have already been sold, contact me. I may be able to make some more for you, or do a custom design.

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